About Us

 The Jaguar has been worshiped as the king of the jungle in diverse pre- Columbian cultures of Mesoamerica. It represents a common symbol of our volcanic and tropical lands.


In Mayan culture, the Jaguar is the messenger between the realms of the living and the underworld.

Similarly, it stands as our symbol for connecting the pot- and the column distillation processes.


Ron Jaguar was born in Costa Rica on the premise of sourcing rum, made in different areas of the tropical Americas, with the most ideal combination of cane, soil and climate.


The territory of the Jaguar stretches from extreme southern Arizona and Mexico, across most of Central America, the Amazon rainforest, and south to Paraguay and northern Argentina.


Ron Jaguar is a Costa Rican brand with a Pan-American vision of making and blending rum, following the geographic paths of the native lands of the most powerful and honored species at the top of the jungle´s food chain; the Jaguar.